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Latest Review: National Hate Crime

Tiffany Harkleroad - Tiffany's Bookshelf

Jon Archer is back at it.  He is flying to Florida when his plane crashes in the Everglades.  As he struggles to lead a group of survivors to safety, it becomes clear he is not alone in the woods.  His partner's helicopter gets shot down by a group of Neo Nazis, and suddenly a much bigger picture starts to emerge.  Archer is not the only one in danger, and no one knows if the threats can be stopped.

A huge round of applause to JD Bowen, not only for another incredible book, but for tackling what could be considered sensitive subject matter.  The idea of using racism and Neo Nazis as part of a novel plot may make some feel squeamish, but one only need to look at the current newspaper to realize this is a huge problem, and things like the threats in the book are all too real.

Once again, the character of Jon Archer is showcased in the novel, and we continue to learn a little more about him.  I was happy to see the romantic aspect still going strong, and am interested to see where that leads in the next book.  There did seem to be a bit more carnage in this book, and it is described pretty casually, particularly during the plane crash, but I think because we are somewhat seeing this from Archer's perspective, the casual nature is appropriate.  This is not a man to get woozy over a little blood, given the fact he has been shot something like 5 times.  Female readers may find it a bit bloody, but I personally thought it was a vital aspect of the story, and for that reason loved the grit.  Male readers will be drawn in by the realism of the action, and females will be drawn in by the hint of romance.

All in all, another fantastic book by Bowen, and I for one can not wait to read about Archer's next adventure.

Review: Hostile Takeover

Tiffany Harkleroad - Tiffany's Bookshelf

Lydia just got out of prison, and she has vowed to get revenge against the man who helped lock her up- Jon Archer.  Jon is the owner and head of a security firm, and life is going pretty well, until one of his corporate clients suffers a crushing blow.  The odd thing is, the attack on the client is somehow linked to Archer.  Will he determine the link in time?  And what does all of this have to do with Lydia anyway?

I read this book in less than a day, because it was just too hard to put down.  The storyline in this book sounded like something straight from the headlines, it was that plausible and realistic.  Maybe that is because I watch way too much Snapped on the Oxygen Network, but nevertheless, the book was riveting, because the plot was fantastic.

The characters in the book are incredibly well developed, and at times I even felt a little sad for Lydia.  But only a little.  Archer is clearly a hero, but I also like that we see a softer side to him as well, both in his adoration for his dog Jimmy, and his relationship with his love interest, Jane.

There is a subplot in the book that really captivated me, involving some stolen gold.  It was completely unrelated to the main plot in terms of the crime and criminals, but it helped establish Archer as a no nonsense always gets the bad guy kind of character, and I loved it.  It made me want to learn more about Archer, which is good, because there are other Archer stories to be read.  And you can bet I will be reading them.

I think all fans of crime drama and thriller books will love Jon Archer.  As a character, he appeals to both men and women, which will serve the series well.  I highly suggest you check it out.

Apex Review: Hostile Takeover

Official Apex Reviews Rating:   

Jon Archer is not your typical security officer. For that matter, he's not even your typical man. He prefers to let his actions speak for him, and, given, his extensive history in the fields of combat and law enforcement, he has quite a bit to say about the unchecked pervasion of criminal activity.

His best friend, Jimmy, a well-trained, no-nonsense boxer, accompanies him on his various pursuits, enhancing Archer's efforts with his own brand of four-legged justice. Together, the two make a formidable pair in righting the wrongs often inflicted upon the clients who benefit from their expensive, yet masterful services.

Naturally, a man in Archer's profession tends to make a few enemies along the way, which comes as no surprise to him, and despite the constant threats to his life he manages to thrive in the face of continued adversity…that is, until a particularly sinister figure from his past re-emerges on the scene with nothing but the most hellish intentions for both Archer and Jimmy. Lurking in the shadows, the mysterious menace carefully and diligently plots its revenge, waiting for the perfect opportunity to launch what it hopes will serve as the death blow for the courageous crime-fighting duo.

As the battle commences, Archer suddenly finds himself in a mad scramble to save not only his own life, but also those of his most cherished loved ones – most importantly, that of an unsuspecting, yet promising new love…

Hostile Takeover is an enjoyable tale by an exciting new literary talent. A well-seasoned mix of action and exposition, J.D. Bowen's taut thriller moves along at breakneck pace, its plot quickly unfolding with a cadre of well-developed characters caught in a series of compelling scenarios. For a first-time author, Bowen does an impressive job of capturing the essence of what a true crime thriller is all about, much like Robert Ludlum and James Patterson before him.

Bowen's narrative is further bolstered by his considerable knowledge of the workings of the criminal mind. By placing his characters in believable, true-life situations, Bowen bridges the credibility gap and avoids making the novice mistake of crafting implausible scenarios for the sole sake of pandering to a greater readership.

The first in the Jon Archer series, Hostile Takeover is a promising portent of what will surely be a permanent, memorable addition to the crime thriller genre. Kudos to Bowen for getting it right the first time around, which will only serve to expand his readership in the months and years to come.