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Official Apex Reviews Interview: J.D. Bowen (Hostile Takeover)

Apex Reviews: Thanks for joining us for this interview, J.D. We're looking very much forward to learning more about your book.

J.D. Bowen: It's my pleasure

AR: The overall plot of Hostile Takeover is incredibly creative and quite ingenious. What inspired the tale?

JDB: I worked in the security business when I was younger and always found it intriguing. I also have always wanted to share some of the flavor of the south with people from other regions.

AR: The characters in the book are very well-defined with unique individual traits all their own. Was it difficult for you to outline each one and integrate them into the story to create such a harmonious mix?

JDB: No, I believe James Lee Burke said it best, he said that these characters represent different parts of our personalities and they live in the subconscious, just below the surface. I believe that is true.

AR: How is Archer able to train his loyal sidekick, Jimmy, so effectively?

JDB: Jimmy was trained at Lackland AFB by the military but he seems to know what Archer is thinking. They are somehow on the same wavelength and that's why they work so well together.

AR: Have other figures from Archer's past attempted to exact revenge on him?

JDB: Yes, more of that is revealed in the next book.

AR: With all that he has going for him, how is it that Archer remains a rugged, yet eligible bachelor?

JDB: He has tried not to let anyone get too close since his old girlfriend was murdered by some members of the mob in retribution for his actions.

AR: Is Jon Archer based on someone you know, or an amalgamated combination of people perhaps?

JDB: Again, I believe he resides in my subconscious.

AR: What can readers look forward to in the second installment of the series?

JDB: Archer and company take on the Aryan Brotherhood.

AR: Our reviewer compared your writing style to Robert Ludlum and James Patterson (congratulations!). Have those authors had an influence on your writings? What other authors/styles do you emulate?

JDB: I would have to say James Lee Burke has been my biggest influence. I also have always been a huge Hemingway fan.

AR: What are your future writing/publishing aspirations?

JDB: Like most authors I suspect, I would like to write the great American novel.

AR: Do you have a website where people can learn more about your writings and other efforts?

JDB: The website is currently under construction.

AR: Any final thoughts you'd like to share with our readers?

JDB: Thank you for all the support that everyone has shown me. I am grateful for that.

AR: Thanks again, J.D., and best of continued success to you in all your endeavors!

JDB: Thank you for having me.