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Phil Phest 2010 in the Park

I went out to R.E. Olds Park on April 10th for a book signing at a charity event called "Phil Phest". It's for the Phillip A. Bryant Melanoma Foundation. They raise money and awareness for skin cancer. This is a great event which takes place every year and I was lucky enough to be asked to help ths year. What a great bunch of folks these people are and a great event as well. The weather was perfect and the event went off without a hitch.
Incidentally, the park that the event was held in was named for Ransom Eli Olds who was a pioneer in the auto industry. He claimed to have built the first steam car in 1894 and the first gasoline car in 1896. The Oldsmobile and REO were both named after him, as well as the rock group R.E.O Speedwagon. Please click the link to the "Phillip A. Bryant Melanoma Foundation" and support this great cause...