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This is the first book in the series. From Special Forces to homicide detective, Jon Archer has seen his share of battles. He has survived both the jungle wilds and downtown city streets - but nothing could prepare him for the coming wrath of a homicidal woman he locked away years ago, as well as her violent band of felons. Swearing in open court to get even with Archer, she has every intention of following through on her promise of deadly vengeance, as well as her sinister goal of taking down one of the largest media corporations in the country. Soon Archer, his loyal partner Brody and his dog, a highly trained Boxer named Jimmy, find themselves both the hunted and hunters in this edge-of-your-seat-thriller.

From its fast-paced beginning to its gripping climax, this gritty crime thriller of the South will keep you turning page after page in breathless anticipation of what comes next.

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